Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Plight of the Advanced Virgin

I'm feeling some kinda way today...I would attribute it to this being that after I heard it all I can think about is...going to get some body work done. :) In any case, the plight is real ya'll, real and annoying. As time goes on, I learn to just sigh and shake my head at all the assumptions but, for the sake of blogging, let me explain some things about me.

I'm a sensual person, however, sensual doesn't equal sexual per se. The thing is, the people who know me especially the men, can't tell the difference immediately. They hear my music (my iPod is nearly 75% baby-makers), they read my poetry, they hear me speak, and immediately their mind goes "Whoa!" and for the men "I'd hit." They would if they could, but most of them can't. Because I'm too particular, too picky and too saddity (apparently) to even give some dudes a shot, much less the money shot.

I'm open. I'm one of those people if you ask me a question (and I realize that my honesty won't hurt your feelings) I'll answer it immediately with little to no thought. That being said, as the only virgin in my group of immediate friends, the sex questions just keep on coming. I find myself often times giving advice about sex with the disclaimer that no, I don't know what I'm talking about, however if I were in that situation I would... But then comes the other questions: How would I know what I like? How would I know how it feels? How would I know what I'm into? Simply because I know who I am, and I know what I like outside of sex; the same things would have to logically apply.

In my younger days, I was literally trying to give it away. I thought that my body was the best way to receive love from people boys my age. Over time and many failed attempts with very respectable boys who turned me down, I came to realize that what I had to give was more than my body. That was maybe when I was 17. Three years later, I still get the bugged eyes and the incredulous "You?!' Flattering though it is that they think, whether by how I look or sound, that there's no way I could be intact, it gets old, as their disbelief almost never wears off (at least not until they get to know more about me).

My thing is though...it's not as much as a burden as everyone assumes it is. It does get frustrating, being a sensual being and not having someone to do those kinds of things with, but not to the point where I'm ripping my clothes off in the middle of the street (I really don't think it'll ever get that bad). I guess what I'm saying is, as a spokesperson for the advanced virgins...it's really not that serious, and we are not the only one you know. Us openly out virgins are the brave ones, as there are a lot of girls (and guys) who haven't but watch a lot of pr0n and can fake the funk. Us "out" ones? We don't fake it.

It's not because we're ugly, it's not because we're prudes, it's not because we're religious fanatics (most of us), we just haven't found the right person and it's not our time yet. You can respect that right? I mean, if you could go back, wouldn't you wait for the right person?

Sharing the love and dropping the knowledge. <3


Crystal Marie said...

So wait... are you a virgin? And what makes you "advanced." Just curious.

Tes said...

I am a virgin, I'm just advanced in age. According to my peoples, mostly the dudes, that makes me some sort of unicorn.