Thursday, May 26, 2011

(3) Two Songs That Make Me Happy

Yo, tell me fellas have you seen her? It was about five minutes ago...
Once upon a time in the early 2000's there was this new kid out named Chris Brown. Now when I saw him I thought he had to be the most adorable dude I'd ever seen. He had this kind of buck-toothed grin and big expressive eyes. And then he sang. And oh boy did I melt.

"Yo (Excuse Me Miss)" can, to this day, make me break out in a grin. It was the cutest and oddly open song I'd heard in awhile in a sea of disappointing R&B and pop. He was crooning ever-so sweetly about approaching a girl the right way and what's not to love about that? My favorite part would have to be the break down; I literally melt. The music gets soft and frames his voice so beautifully. And the harmony? It cuts to the core and ruins my "tough girl" image.

Around the same time another lanky country boy hit the scene by the name of Trey Songz. I remember I was in the car with my mother and "Gotta Make It" came on. I didn't know who this dude was, but wow was he saying something endearing and his voice was warm and different; he sounded like home.

Shawty, all I got is a dollar and a dream is you gonna roll with me?
From the first line I absolutely loved it. Most of the other songs out at the time were talking about women in an objectifying sort of way, but Trey went right to the heart, asking his woman if she was down to make their dreams come true because with her, he was determined to make it. As a woman, not only does it do my heart some good to know that there are guys out there who get it (we as women aren't trying to crush your dreams, we're trying to be a part of them) and the fact that he sang with such conviction gives a girl like me hope for a bright future for my own dreams with or without someone to roll with for the moment.

These two songs always turn my day around. They speak to that romantic, youthful and hopeful part of my spirit that sometimes gets dragged into the harsher realities of life while ignoring the beautiful ones. They give me hope, and make me want to fall in love and for that, these two songs make me the happiest.

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