Tuesday, May 24, 2011

(2) Least Favorite Song

Just like with favorites, it's hard to name least favorites...okay I'm lying. It's easier. Mostly because there are artists who I don't respect, making silly music that makes me nauseous, and who are easily discernible by the public as they don't have talent, but their marketing team surely does. So, let's make a list:

1) Pink Friday (the whole freakin' album)- Nicki Minaj: Why is it that an artist would go ham on any and every song featured on, but not on their own album. I understand diversity. I understand pleasing the masses. What I don't understand is how anything from her album sounds excruciatingly different (and ultimately entirely too soft from the demeanor she was presenting) from her features. It makes me think someone writes for her and her merits are based solely on her ass persona.

2) Trapped in the Closet - Aruh Kelly: The whole. Freaking. Series. Really doe? Really? It was like Tyler Perry sat down somewhere and wrote up an entire script of off-hand, ridiculous sh*t and thought "Hmm...I wonder what would happen if I set this whole thing to music." It irritated me. And the fact that every week was another episode? *sigh*

3) "Motivation" - Kelly Rowland: I ain't motivated. At all. Even Wayne couldn't save it for me. Something about her "almost but not quite there" vocals and the extreme left field lyrics (since when was Kelly raunchy-sexy?) just turned me all the way down. (Although usually I'm not a Wayne fan, his ad-libs and bars in the track were pretty good. Meh.)

4) "Pretty Girl Rock" - Keri Hilson: Maybe nobody else was listening the same way, but what I heard is, "I'm pretty. Ask your man, he's been looking. You're not pretty. I'm fly. You're jealous. Because, you know...I'm pretty." Not because she's smart, not because she's doing anything for herself. Course not, but she's pretty. Maybe it's the fact every woman was running around singing it like it was the new empowerment track. Maybe it's the fact that Keri Hilson is a better song-writer/producer than an actual talent (because she produced fire tracks with The Clutch). Whatever it is...I wasn't feeling it.

5) "S&M" - Rihanna: I'm just gonna throw it out there. I think it's tacky to be talmbout how you like it rough (like it, like it in fact) and like to be a little roughed up...but your ex-boyfriend is to this day being dragged across hot coals as "Beat Her Down" Brown. Yes, I understand there's a difference between love taps and getting that a** beat, however when you've been in that situation I would think the last thing you'd want to do is talk about someone putting their hands on you, or you putting your hands on them, in an even slightly violent light. It was tacky, and foolish. Simple as that.

Honorable Mention: I may get flack for this as a hip-hop head, but PM Dawn's "Set Adrift?" *smh*. I'm more partial to the original. Which is by a man-group by the name of Spandau Ballet. The beat was perfect, but they're rhymes just weren't hitting it for me. Do I still get to keep my hip-hop membership card?

So...what's your least favorite? Or do you just have a least favorite artist...genre...album?

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