Sunday, April 24, 2011

2. I Love My Spirit

Day Two of the Challenge! Of course after something you hate, you have to follow with something you love. In my case, it's a bit harder to do; I'm still young and I'm learning myself. I like a lot of things about myself, but when it comes down to what I love only one big thing sticks out.

Once, my mother hired an older Hispanic man to come and fix our washer and dryer. He spoke very little English, I speak very little Spanish, but somehow we understood each other and he got the washer fixed with my help. When my mother showed up later, the man's son had also shown up to cart away the old dryer and help install the new one. Instead the elder man, Mr. Hernandez, called to me (I think he called me pequena which means "small one") and showed me how to fix the new dryer if anything ever happened. At the end of the day, in his broken English, he told me that it meant a lot that I was patient and observant because not a lot of people are. He told me I had a beautiful soul and gave me a hug.

I once knew a deaf guy in my last semester. I could only "speak" so much sign language, but one of my friends could and he translated to me. The guy had seen me around helping people, having fun, and being myself and he told me I had a golden soul. Things like this happen to me all the time and I've learned to take them in stride but every time I hear them it makes my heart get all heavy and junk.

I don't know what it is in me that calls to people, that makes them want to be themselves, or be better than they are, but I've had many past associates tell me that just seeing me be myself silently gave them the courage to do the same. I'm reminded of a quote by Maryanne Williamson about our greatest fears. When I give my light, my spirit, permission to shine, others automatically seem to follow suit and we are all brighter for it in the end.

So if I had to pick one thing that I love most about myself, it's my spirit. My spirit is kind, genuine, and apparently very vibrant. It's gotten me monikers and handles like "Tes the Sweetheart" and "Sugarlump," which I can live with (it's better than the alternative, right?) So with the ease it brings to others, and the solace it brings to me, my kind spirit is the thing I love most about myself.

Don't forget, you can take the challenge too! No pressure though ;)

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