Thursday, April 28, 2011

6. More on Hopes...

My best friend W is one of those people that I was never expecting to find, but like lost keys, once I stopped looking for her, there she was. We've had a few bad fights totally her fault, I swear that we always managed to get out of or work through. We even dream up impossible and crazy things to do together just for the hell of it (i.e getting our bones engraved either before or after death). We uplift each other, but also tell each other when the other is on that bs no Chris Brown. In short, she's my rock.

My guy best friend George who I'm kinda in love with is equally as amazing. Admittedly he's been the cause of a little drama between me and W (and he knows this) but even so, we just don't shake each other. He has very mannish ways of not calling me (which I hate) and I have very womanish ways of not answering his calls (which he hates) but when we do communicate I feel like a better, happier person for it. He uplifts me in a way different from W, but in the same lane as her.

Today's challenge is something you hope you never have to do. In a crazy world like this one, where people are seemingly being told they're replaceable left and right, these two people, in my world, are just not. I've done it a lot in my younger days, replace people with more people, but only because given my parents' lifestyle, that's what I had to do. So when that roller coaster life stopped, I didn't know how to adjust to having people there for me. I would find myself being present for people but never being there for them, never for too long anyway. I was politely disengaged. These two people though, I just can't. They've given me so much, in such a short amount of time. They've shown me that I can trust people. They've shown me that yes, people do sometimes hurt you, but there are those who are worth a little pain and there are those that aren't.

Given their status to each other as exes, there's a lot of animosity and "not sharing" between them. I hope they do get over that because I plan to have both of them in my life for a very long time. But if there's one thing I do hope to never have to do, it's lose either of them, or chose between them, and thankfully and with the grace of God, I probably won't have to.

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Jouromeo said...

bad juju...home dude...home girl...bad juju but this too shall pass.