Saturday, July 2, 2011

(8) Don't Forget the Lyrics...

The song challenge for this one is hard: I know all the words to every song I have, and even some I've only heard once or twice in passing. I find though that more recently I enjoy instrumentals of popular songs more so than the songs themselves and that's where "My Last" by Big Sean comes in.

I don't know much other than the chorus, but the overall feel I get for the song is something like hopefulness and the urge to drive with the top down. I makes me think of warm weather and having an easy in my heart that doesn't happen a lot lately.

I think the purpose of the song, even without the lyrics, is to inspire; live to the fullest says the beat, live wit lightness says the piano...or maybe I'm just one of those weird listeners who hears characterizations and lyrics from the instruments themselves and not much from the person laying their voice over the track. :)


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