Thursday, May 20, 2010

Why I Started This Thing

I know that like a lot of people, I forget a lot of things; keys, numbers, exact change are just the few of them. Most of the time though, I forget things that should never be forgotten; things I think, things I say, things I should know as facts of life. I forget dates and times, I forget things my mother tells me. I forget faces but never names. I forget things I learned in high school.

As time goes on though, I find myself remembering all the things I thought I forgot: Those who you love don't have to love you back. There's a difference between friends and people who hang around you. Bottled water comes from somebody's tap somewhere. Things I often forget, are things that I know I should remember. Clearly more important than anything I could learn in a book are the things I learn in life, and with this blog, I plan to capture and remember most of those lessons. In case I forget why I started a blog (among all the other life lessons I've learned in my 19 years), "Things I Forget" will be a constant reminder.


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