Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Smallest Things Contribute to Ultimate Happiness

I've been bogged down lately in a lot of adult stuff. Finding a new job, starting school with people "misplacing" my records (I swear, it's like they don't want my money), and trying out this new "social life" thing that I hear is all the rage. In all that adult stuff my iPod decided to surprise me with "Take Me There" by Mya, Blackstreet and nem. Any kid from the nineties remembers this song as it was virtually the Rugrats song. Immediately I broke into a grin and had the insane want to dance around and or jump rope/hopscotch. Five minutes is all it took to take me back to where my biggest problems were running out of juice and Gingerbread men before All That came on after dinner. Five minutes of a simple piano riff and I was there, sitting in front of a tv screen with a stuffed bear named Moo, a juice and a pack of peaches within arms reach. Five minutes and I was overjoyed.
I forget sometimes that those same things that made me happy as a kid could make me happy now. Time to sit in the sun. Time to jump rope. Nap time. Disney movie time (I'll be honest, as we speak I'm collecting extensive Disney DVDs because my mom gave away all the VHS tapes. How could she just give up my childhood like that?! I tell you...). So today I went out and got some coloring books, some crayons and set up camp on my back porch, my iPod set to my Disney playlist (don't judge me). Before I knew it, an hour had gone by and I was just content. Peaceful. For that one hour I didn't have anything to worry about except coloring inside the lines, if I wanted.
Earlier in my day, during my designated T-Time (time between 3am and 9 am where if you aren't on fire or in dire need I don't answer calls) my best friend George calls me. He tells me a five minute story of how his morning is going, country drawl and grammar in tact, then comes to an inside joke I hadn't heard in ages and I'm laughing until I can't breathe.
Moments, small moments, large moments, still moments, loud is about the moments. Is it all joy and sunshine and 90s Nick cartoons? No. Can it be every once in awhile. Only if you make time for it. Life will take you by the ankles and try to drag you down and pull you away from the things that make you truly happy. It's your duty to yourself to hold onto that, be it with Beanie Babies (don't front like I'm the only one with a Beanie Baby in the closet), a classic Disney movie, or even those Swiss swirls you used to like. Whatever it is, hold onto it for yourself. Find happiness in it, at least for that moment.
What makes you that kiddie-giddy happy? How long has it been since you had a moment of truly blissful peace? Marinate on it, and get back to me.


Lina said...

oh man, i had to youtube the song to refresh my mind. such a good song, and i do know the words. rugrats was my show lol

ps- i know this is 2011 so you prob won't see this but i wanted to check out a fellow VSB commenter's blog

Tes said...

I see it Lina :) And thanks so much